[TRANSCRIPT] 140622 Osen – Cube Entertainment Noh HyunTae, “Cube is Now Capable to Make That Jump”


[ENG] Singers’ managers are often highly broad in skills, but being shrouded behind is their job.
In dramas or movies, managers are often being overrated, as such, there is a general bad perception on those who are into this profession. That said, a manager is the person who planned activities for artists, and worked diligently for the growth of the company.

Prior to its flotation, Cube Entertainment’s Vice President Noh HyunTae is one of them. He started his profession in SM entertainment and is one of those elite managers that produced outstanding artists. He is the mastermind behind 20 general managers, who manages artists, broadcasts, media promotions and various activities, with the aim to achieve 27 billion Won sales revenue for Cube this year.

Cube Entertainment houses 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, Kim Kiri and more, while subsidiary Cube DC includes Rain, Roh JiHoon etc. In the last year, Cube’s total sales revenue was recorded at 22.9 billion Won. This are the results reaped by 60 employees and their endless effort. We have met up with Vice President Noh HyunTae in Cube Cafe.

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